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Photographer – Jeff Helmkamp

Our official photographer is Jeff Helmkamp from Jeff Helmkamp Imagery.  With weather cooperating he will be shooting your boats from a helicopter.  Below you will find a short bio on Jeff and some of the great photos he has taken at out events.  He will be providing access to all of his images to Speedonthewater.com for uses in digital and print.

I am a 47 year old father and husband. I have one daughter, 19. I have been married for 20 years.  My main occupation is in supervision for a manufacturing corporation. Additionally, I am a contributing photographer for a newspaper and speedonthewater.com along with various other websites throughout the years.  I first started taking offshore photos in 1993. The event was an SBR race held at Central Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks (LOTO). We had the likes of Shooter’s Waterfront Café, Dirty Laundry, Fountain, and Labatt’s to name a few. I was hooked.  My family owned a boat and a house at LOTO. Our home was less than 200 miles from the lake so we would drive down every Friday and home Sunday evenings…every weekend from spring to winter. I still live close to LOTO so I make it there for a couple events.  In 1994 I attended my first event outside of LOTO. That event was the Key West Worlds; I haven’t missed many Key West races since. I have attended poker runs and races all over the country, most were for the fun, but some have been for a media outlet.  I have covered Desert Storm in Lake Havasu for speedonthewater.com, and Powerboating for a Cure in Norfolk for friends. I have shot APBA races in Daytona, North Carolina, and Milwaukee and OPA races in Lake of the Ozarks along with a race in Ocean City. I have covered speed events like the Shootout at Lake of the Ozarks and the GLOC Shootout in Grand Lake Oklahoma.  I really like shooting from a boat because of the different angles I can catch versus being on land but my first choice is shooting from a helicopter; nothing beats it.
-Jeff Helmkamp

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